Remedial Action Management

Remedial Action Management

There will be times following the completion of a Fire Risk Assessment or following a visit from the local Fire Service when you are required to implement new or upgrade existing fire safety measures, ensuring you are compliant with current fire safety legislation and have the assurance the people who occupy your buildings are safe.

Remedial Action Management

Your organisation size, type and complexity will determine the scale and volume of remedial actions your organisation has to manage. Many large, complex and multi site organisations will understand the challenge of managing thousands of remedial actions on an annual basis. Implementing large scale remediation projects across multi site organisations requires many factors to come together to ensure works are delivered on time and to the right quality, giving you the assurance the people who occupy your buildings are safe. These may include, Procurement, Specifications, Contractor Management, Quality Assurance to name a few.

How can Puresafe help?

Remedial action management
Puresafe has extensive experience in managing large scale remedial action projects from start to finish - we can be involved as much or as little as you like. We can manage projects in their entirety or we can work with your in house teams to provide extra support where needed.

Procurement and Specifications
The use of Contractors and 3rd party suppliers in relation to Fire Safety is commonplace and at Puresafe, we understand that it can often be overwhelming to articulate what it is you need from these organisations, meaning that you can be exposed to paying more than you should and receiving a substandard service from these contractors. We have experienced Consultants who can work with you to draft specifications for the fire safety services you require and can support you with the procurement of these services to ensure you get the right outcome at the right price.

Contractor Mobilisation and Management
Once you have selected a Contractor or Supplier to work with, it can take a lot of time and effort to ensure they have the information they need to be able to deliver effectively for you. Our Consultants are experienced in mobilising and managing 3rd party suppliers and Contractors and can support you with the planning, policies, procedures and performance management you will need in place to ensure a smooth and effective working relationship that delivers the desired outcome for you and your customers.

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